H&M Announces 2016 Designer Collection with Kenzo

H&M is back at it again with a new designer collaboration! Revealed this morning, H&M announced that they have joined forces with Kenzo, a playful brand known for it’s bright colors and bold prints, on a unisex collection set to hit 250 stores worldwide and the retailer’s website on Nov. 3. According to Vogue, a runway show, similar to it’s past partnerships with Balmain (where the Backstreet Boys performed), Alexander Wang and Versace, a runway show, will take place in October, prior to the collection’s official launch. 

While Balmain’s H&M collaboration was designed with the more glamorous shopper in mind, this collection is guaranteed to be different. According to H&M’s head of design, Ann-Sofie Johansson, “Balmain was glamorous and sexy, and this is vibrant, young, and fun.” We imagine Kenzo’s vibrancy is what attracts it-girls like Rihanna, Beyonce and Selan Gomez to its designs. Judging from the promotional video, which premiered on H&M’s social media, this collection will be no stranger to its signature prints and wild colors. Click below to watch the video yourself and be sure to watch this space for updates!