Holiday Outfits For When You’re Bloated AF

Finding outfits for when you’re bloated AF is serious stress. It’s real, it makes us super dramatic and want to cry, and unless you’re lame af, you can’t avoid it. WTF are we talking about? The one and only holiday bloat. Sure, that meatball, blocks of cheese, 3 glasses of wine and chocolate cake was totes worth it at the time (okay, the wine was the best part), but the next morning can be a struggle into those jeans. And, if you have the gift of your period, you’re even closer to turning into the Grinch. Unfortunately, those holiday parties just keep on rolling in, and you might not have time to deflate before the next one. Instead of freaking out, use our style guide on the best pieces to hide the bloat. Now if we could only hide the hangover …(oh wait, we can!)…

The Dark Side

Wearing black or dark colors automatically slims your body. Avoid bright colors, especially if they lay on the problem-area. Whether you find a sexy little black dress, a jumpsuit or a dark blouse and pair of trousers, you’re sure to have an instant confidence boost. Try a black jumpsuit and we guarantee you’ll be under the mistletoe with someone.

Get High

Wearing high waisted pants will suck in your belly, making your waist look tiny. Stay clear of low rise, which can add to the bulge. A wide leg style will make your stems look forever long.

Suit up

A form fitting blazer flawlessly hug your curves in the most flattering way. Luckily, oversized is in. Meaning it’s super easy to hide bloat AND look stylish.

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Go with the flow

A flowy or oversized blouse solves any problems when it comes to looking for outfits for when you’re bloated AF.  Grab a shirt you can spread both cheese and holiday cheer in.