The Hottest Red Swimsuits, Because Baywatch

We aren’t sure if the new Baywatch movie will make a splash or be a complete belly flop, but we do know the red iconic swimsuit will look hotter than ever on the new cast

While the legendary red suit will be in the movie, there’s a new spin on it. Costume designer Dayna Pink tweaked it just a bit, to make it even more lit than it was before.

“It’s a little daunting but so exciting to be able to touch a piece of wardrobe that’s so iconic and to be able to contribute to that history of what that’s going to be,” Pink told the Hollywood Reporter.

“I really wanted to change it. I felt it was important to put my mark on it as a statement about what’s happening now in swimwear. So when I met with the director and talked about it, we came up with the idea of changing the color and adding zippers,’ she explained. “I looked at all the trends in swimwear and I really liked the idea of zippers, neoprene and athletic things. So that was my inspiration as well as just making it a love letter to the beach.”

This time around, every girl got a bathing suit to match their personality and body shape, while the red color once seen on Pamela Anderson was turned into a ruby shade. The rescue buoy wasn’t the only accessory, either. The cast wore jewelry like ear cuffs and trendy sunglasses. While we aren’t sure how practical that is when saving lives on a beach, we at least know it looks real good.

We have to admit, we don’t mind the upgrade. While we wait for our own chance to catch the new flick,  we thought we’d round up some of the hottest red suits to celebrate.

ASOS FULLER BUST Exclusive Plunge Side High Leg Swimsuit DD-G, $26

V-neck one-piece swimsuit in Italian matte, $98


Off-the-shoulder ruffle one-piece swimsuit, $98


Missguided High Leg Swimsuit, $29


Lit one piece swimsuit, $99