How Do You Make Your Legs Look Long On Instagram?

How do you make your legs look long on Instagram?

How do you make your legs look long on Instagram? It’s a question that more should say, “How the f is that girl’s legs so long?”

The new phrase is coined “Barbie feet,” which entails IG people raising their foot like Barbie’s heel, and placing their leg in front. Side note, the bigger or chunkier the heel, the longer the leg. Celebrities, models and influencers have all jumped on the band wagon of this being the latest trendy pose. It doesn’t matter if you’re four foot ten or five foot ten, you can make your legs look miles long. In fact, the model below in the gold you will see is only five foot! Whether you’re showing off a bloody mary at brunch, an outfit, or your sick new bikini, this pose is on for all. So, how do you make your legs look long on Instagram?

Here are the steps:

First, have your photographer either be low on the ground with the camera angling the lens up. Or, do option two, of having them take at eye level and slightly tilting. Make sure they know the focus is your legs, and that you want them to look long and lean. Guidance on your photographer is everything!

Secondly, raise your heel and place your leg as forward as possible. If you don’t want to raise your heel, you can push your butt out to elongate your sexy stems. Additionally, if you don’t have a photographer, this is your best bet for a selfie.

If you want to sit down, simply bring both legs out or one as far as it can go. Have the photographer at the end of your feet.

Lastly, one other trick is bringing your foot to face the outside and popping it. Furthermore, this slims your thighs while making your legs elongate.

We promise if you do this, you’ll have legs for days and total content-worthy photos. Share your photos on IG by tagging @whatruwearing!

By Staci Wuokko