Here’s How Much Debt Carrie Bradshaw Has In Real Life

How Much Debt Carrie Bradshaw Has

It’s been 20 years since Sex and the City hit the television screens. Obviously to celebrate, we binge watched every episode we could. However, GiffGaff noticed something totally weird that’s always been on our minds, too. How the hell did these girls afford their lifestyle, and how did they even have a $1 in their bank account?

From endless fancy dinners, massive designer clothes, and luxurious trips, we are totally confused on WTF these girls were doing on the side to get this much dough. We haven’t even mentioned the cost of their housing – which is in NYC so need we say more?

GiffGaff did as much research as they could over the seasons and films, and found out what their actual income vs spending was. Yes, we know, they have had a lot on their time but this is pretty freaking awesome if you ask us.

Overtime, we’ll go through each girl in a series of articles. Obviously we have to start with the one and only – Carrie Bradshaw. Here’s a break down of how much debt Carrie Bradshaw has.

How Much Debt Carrie Bradshaw Has

As we all know, Carrie blew through money faster than anyone, with what we assumed was the smallest income. While we thought she’d lead the pack, she was actually the third most financially irresponsible. With her rent-controlled place at $750 a month until the end of season four, Carrie started going through her cash during season two.

On the fifth season, she finally got paid $4.50 a word for writing for Vogue. So, she may have had a chance to catch up on her massive credit card bills. From there, she received book deals, and probably kept her head around the water.

Sadly, once she sold her apartment in the first movie, things started to fall apart, and here’s where we needed to know how much debt Carrie Bradshaw has. She had to buy it back when Big (ew) peaced out at the altar. The massive amount she would’ve needed for a deposit was larger than the wedding possibly that didn’t ever even happen.

We can also estimate her Mexico vacation with her girls on her “honeymoon” was roughly $10,588 a head. We can only hope she had some stacks from Big and used his money. So, how much realistically would she be in debt? Only $162,662.27

Here’s a final breakdown of some of her major purchases:

Season 1 others:
NYC ballet tickets – $50
Season 2 others:
New York Yankees tickets – $100
Ballroom dancing – $92.50
Weekly manicures for a year – $1,202.53
Season 3 others:
Jimmy Choo shoes – $1000
Spa day – $307.32
Chair from Aidan – $2000
Charity lunch – $307.32
Opera tickets – $512.20
Hotel stay – $3000
Bulgari necklace – $18,200
Butterfly necklace – $138
LA trip – $4,427.87
Season 4 others:
Apple mac repairs – $539.65
Charity ball – $1754.94
Horse shoe necklace – $2000
Fred Leighton earrings – $52,648.07
Season 5 others:
First class sleeper train to San Francisco – $1,266.42
Season 6 others:
Lingerie – $505.69
Fine for smoking in bar – $50
Espresso machine – $155.93
Trip to Paris – $7,796.62
Film 1 Others:
Wedding: $49,368.71
Assistant: $37,604.98
Mexico vacation: $10,588.14
Redecorates apartment: $10,579.40
Louis Vuitton bag: $1,707.76
NYC fashion week front row ticket: $5,550.23
City Hall Wedding: $2,194.71
Gold cuff bracelet: $12,808.23
Cameo brooch: $20,066.23
Other bracelet: $22,798.66
Film 2 Others:
Tux – $2500
Inn stay – $1850
Rolex watch – $4,324

Stay tuned to WhatRUWearing, as we reveal the rest of the girls and see who is the most financially unstable!