I Tried Guided Break Up Meditations: Here Are The Ones That Worked

Break ups suck, but the best thing to remember, is that it’s universal.

No matter how many times you tell the story, reach out to a friend and family – you feel alone (but trust us, you ARE NOT ALONE). And, while it might not seem like it at the time, your friends and family have all been through a heart break and had this feeling, too.  The only true thing that helps is having the most bad ass support group, time and meditation.

I was in a relationship for a year and experienced a blindsided breakup. There was no big moment that could’ve predicted it. And what happens with everyone in a break up? You go back and try to rethink every little move you did – every little memory. You try to pick apart what could have lead up to this. But all that does is make you go insane and makes it harder to move on. Trust me, we all need to take the time to connect with our emotions – cry it out if you need to, get mad, have those can’t breathe panic attacks. But there is some healing in meditation that can help, as well. If you don’t know where to get started, you are not alone. And if you feel a little silly at first, that’s okay. But after doing meditation three days straight following my own break up, I quickly was able to see a difference in myself and my emotions on days I meditated vs days I didn’t. Here are five guided meditations to help you heal your broken heart that worked for me.

At some point we need to say “fuck it.” If you like to cuss – trust us, this one is for you. This was probably my favorite relief when it came to wanting to be more mad and less sad. Fuck it, seriously.

This worked for me when I was physically aching with pain. It released the tension from my body and gave me things to think about OTHER than my break up and my own life going forward.

This helped put my break up in a different perspective – it allowed me to keep the things that I enjoyed doing with my other half, and getting rid of things I didn’t! It made me feel normal about wanting to still keep doing the things we loved.

This was great when I needed a distraction – do I think it worked? I will never know, but it helped keep me focus during my days I needed to work and get a lot done.

We can’t make others love us even if we love them. We are out of this control. This is a great one for letting go and realizing you need to only take control of what you can and trust in the Universe for everything else.

This was great when you are on the go or wake up late. There is always time for meditation.