I Tried Living a ‘Sex and the City’ Inspired Lifestyle for a Day

If the ladies of Sex and the City were in 2018, what would they be doing?

That’s the question I asked myself while in New York City–being a SATC fangirl and all. I pictured Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte hitting the Manhattan streets in  fabulous outfits doing regular things llike going to the movies, the museum, shopping or walks to the park. It also probably helps that I’ve seen every episode like a hundred times, and . Of course, we’ve already talked about how the girls’ bougie lifestyle is unrealistic and expensive AF–like, who can seriously walk around busy streets wearing six-inch stilettos, afford dinner after taking a Taxi everywhere, work, get together to analyze the latest dramatic dilemma in their lives,  and have time to breathe at the end of the day, let alone go on a date? Ha.

One of the best and stress relieving things about the show is the fact that it’s not real. Therefore, I’ve already come to the sad-but-thankful realization that my life would never be like Carrie’s (she was disappointing sometimes)–but a girl can dream right? That’s why I had to at least see what it feels like to be a pretend NYC socialite while spending only 3 days in the Big Apple.

First, I had to pop-up to Carrie’s iconic brownstone. Located on 66 Perry Street in Greenwich Village, the block is just as beautiful in person! The real owner doesn’t allow people to trespass above the first few steps, so I couldn’t get the whole running down the stair to catch a Taxi experience. But, he gladly took my picture so kudos to him. On the show however, the house’s fictional location is on the fancy Upper East Side, is ”rent controlled” and costs only $750 a month. (LOL in reality you’d probably be living in an apartment the size of a bathroom in Brooklyn for that price, especially on a writer’s salary) Although cost of living may have been a little cheaper 10-20 years ago, this place still worth $9.65 million. And to think she refused Big’s offer to help buy this house, smh. It was the least he could’ve done in season 4, Carrie.

Starting the day with brunch was obviously on the agenda. The girls often ate at a fairly casual brunch spot and classed it up for dinner. I went to Spoon Table & Bar, one of the many chill yet aesthetically pleasing restaurants in the Midtown area. I had a chicken sandwich and a glass of Prosecco. The food was great and I didn’t get anxiety when the bill came, so I’ll be visiting again!

Carrie was the vintage queen, so I browsed through the Fashion District checking out all the low-key resale and small shops. There’s no possible way to save money when you’re surrounded by all of this, so I completely understand  Carrie’s shopping addiction tbh. Even though most prices were cheap, it still helps to have a shopping budget. New York writers are somewhere trying to wrap their heads around how Carrie was still hitting up Barney’s every other weekend to buy new Manolos for a date while they’re barely affording those Zara shoes on sale. This area is pretty lively and also has flag-ship locations of fast fashion retailers like H&M and Forever21. People were also walking down the street with the giant pizza slices on a small paper plate, thats when I knew I was in New York– but I had to try one of course. Catching a taxi is def not as easy as it seems btw.


Up next was hitting a fashion show. In the movie, the ladies attended a fashion show during NYFW, so this was the perfect opportunity. This show was held at the industrial, chic Pier 59 Studios, debuting Carlisle Collection, was nothing short of fabulous and actually reminded me of what the ladies would wear! I also sat in the front row so I was definitely feeling like I was on the top of Samantha Jones PR’s list.

By evening, it was time to change and go out for a night on the town. I knew everywhere would be lit seeing as though fashion week after partying was in full effect. I ended up going to Tao Downtown, a trendy, upscale restaurant/nightclub in Chelsea. This is definitely somewhere Samantha would be a regular at and be known  by the staff! Getting into the club was a slight hassle, bouncers were picky so I assumed this place to be exclusive. It definitely doesn’t hurt to look bomb for these kinds of situations and for me, long lines and cold weather don’t mix. With the help of a promoter we were in, wrists stamped in no time. The inside was cool and fun– it included oriental style art, disco balls, and a balcony. I pushed through the crowded dance floor and into the VIP section, drank champagne and vibed to the music from the DJ of the night, Nick Cannon. No big deal. Cigarette and weed smoke clouded the air by 2am, and security didn’t even flinch at the sight of someone lighting up. Amazing.

Although the martini sipping, stilletto wearing, party-hopping and schmoozing SATC lifestyle sounds exciting–it’s not as fun when you’re low-key physically and financially exhausted. From ubering everywhere (I was too scared of getting lost to ride the train, sorry), drinks, food, etc., a city like New York definitely breaks the bank so it’s wise to save and plan. Also, I definitely learned not to underestimate time and energy; the city literally never slows down and you’re gonna have to keep up. I was happy with my experience and would definitely do it again. Next time, a little more well-rested.