I Tried The Sticky Bra That Went Viral & I Couldn’t Believe This Happened

Most likely by now, you’ve seen the sticky bra that has gone viral. You know, the one that sticks on that has laces, and as soon as you tighten them, it gives you extra cleavage. It looked too good to be true, so I had to give it a try.

While searching for one, I decided to go the cheapest route. I couldn’t imagine one being “better” than another. Afterall, this is a thing that fits across my chest that is ridiculously sticky and that is it. I found one on Shein, and got it for the price of $10 – which may be the cheapest bra I’ve ever bought in my life. I read the reviews, which said it runs on the bigger side, so I ordered a medium.

It finally arrived (the wait was longer than I hoped), and it happened to be a music festival week. What better time to test something out than a place you can get away with wearing anything. My first thought upon opening was it looked like every other sticky boob product – which I guess for $10 is a good thing considering my sticky cups were $30.

I placed it on and after a few adjustments, it was good to go. I pulled the strings and I was super shocked! It did as it promised, giving instant cleavage. Because I didn’t get the cup style, it gave extra support, and I think this would work for bustier women. However, I definately don’t think it could support a girl who is super blessed. If you’re above a D – I wouldn’t trust it more than your ex.

I went to the festival and completely forgot it was on. It stayed on until night with no issues and when I took it off, it didn’t seem to lose any of its “sticky-ness.”

My final verdict? I give this an A. It does what it promises and is way more comfortable than any sticky cups I have. Next time you are in need, do yourself a favor and grab a pair of these $10 babies!