If You Can’t Constantly Drink LaCroix, You Might As Well Wear It

LaCroix has swimwear and this is not a drill … 

While we get ready for our beach bodies and drink as many as no calorie LaCroix as we can, the company got one step ahead of us and created a swimwear line so you can look just as good as the bubbles do.

Designer Eric Wu made LaCroix inspired bathing suits, and we gotta say – we want one ASAP. They’re esp cute if you can match with boo – move over Chubbies. There is a new line in the mix – one we actually love to represent. Th word is already spreading like wild fire – or should we say carbonation, so you know they are bound to blow up any moment  ( at least when shaken) – and you need to be a first to get one.

If flavor ain’t your thing don’t worry! there are also Fiji Water swimwear, that gets you your h20, even when you’re not drinking it!

LaCroix trunks are going for $39.50 on Public Space, and one-pieces are $49.50. Shop them now, here.