If Your Foot Doesn’t Fit Into Your Leather Booties, You Need To Do This Easy Trick

We’ve all been there – slipping on either a new pair or our fav booties – and it’s WAY to tight – ugh.
Whether it’s a new set of boots that you totally thought would fit better, or you are simply suffering that holiday bloat, there’s nothing more frustrating than your boujee boots not fitting you. But before you look into how much shipping a return is or dumping them, check out some of our easy and lazy girl directions on how to make the leather shoes fit.

Put on a pair or several pairs of socks. The fuzzy fleece kind you’re obsessed with during winter? Those seem to work best because they’re thick AND allow you to slip into any of the booties much easier.

Next, side your foot into the bootie – the socks should help slide in. If this doesn’t work, simply stuff your shoe with as many socks or balls of news paper you can, making it stretch and making sure it’s all the way to the end of the toe.

Finally, turn on your blow dryer and blast hot ai for two to fifteen minutes while stretching your foot out in large areas.

Keep the socks and shoes on until the leather cools. Repeat as many times as you need – we reccommend keeping the shoe stuffed afterwards just as as a safety net.

Next, enjoy your booties because they now fit – hell, yes.