If You’re Confused Why Ashley Graham Is Modeling For This Brand – We Are, Too

Ashley Graham’s latest modeling has left fans super confused.

The model was spotted in photos for Rag & Bone in outfits we totally want and need ASAP. So what’s weird about that? Rag & Bone does not sell the jeans Ashley was modeling for in sizes over a 32, leading fans to question if they made a version for Ashley’s ads. The other rumor floating around is that the brand is making additional sizes.

“The demand is there, especially for denim … there are many curvy women who are willing to spend money on quality, designer clothing, but often times they are not even given the opportunity because the sizes just don’t exist,” Ashley told British Vogue.

“I think some high-end brands might think they are devaluing their brand if they extend their sizes — maybe they think they will become less exclusive — which is just ridiculous.”

So will the confusion ever be cleared up? WRUW  has some questions. Like why would a model who represents curves and positive image wear clothes that aren’t available? Isn’t that contradicting everything she believes in? And if there is a collab involving more sizes, why is the news not out yet? We can only hope Ashley has something up her sleeve … only time will tell! Check out the photos below.