Indira Scott Is The Newbie Model We Should All Follow

Indira Scott is a the model that everyone can’t stop talking about from NYFW. She was new to the game when she began Dior’s Fall 2018 showing off her box braids. This time around, she was spotted on multiple runways including Matthew Adams Dolan, Dion Lee, Prabal Gurung and Ralph Lauren.

She kept her box braids in (thankfully!) and told Vogue,  “I love the noise it makes when I walk,” referring to her dope beads that look stunning on all the runways. While many models have to go to great lengths to change their hair, Indira’s ‘do was so perfect, designers didn’t allow anyone to touch them.

So what else can we learn about this amazing human being?

The model and her sister caught up with HypeBae back in January and explained how they want to create an “environment where everyone can be themselves. What is this world if we’re all the same? The beauty is in our differences.”

Hell. Yes.

Later in that interview Indira mentions something that made us love her even more! When it comes to tips for modeling, she told HypeBae, “Be weird. Don’t be afraid to go the extra mile and show you’re personality. Do what you need to do to express yourself. Don’t let people’s condescending looks make you feel like you have to go back into your turtle shell.”

Indira Scott knows how important inclusivity is and how essential it is for us to all be ourselves. Weird is cool. Weird is sexy. She told both publications that we would find crystals and tarot cards in her purse – not your typical makeup. And while we are on the topic of makeup, the girl doesn’t wear it! When she does, she wears Burt’s Bee and coconut oil for highlighter. How can we not love that AND her? Follow her on IG, here.