Introducing Chiptopia: Chipotle’s Summer Loyalty Rewards Program

Earlier this week, Chipotle announced “Chiptopia”,  its three-month summer rewards program that rewards customers based on visitation versus how much money they spend in stores. Starting on July 1, Chipotle lovers will be eligible to pick up a Chiptopia Card at any Chipotle. As a token of the food chain’s appreciation, all card holders will receive a free order of chips and guac — yes, FREE guac, you read that correctly– with their order. From there, customers will need to make at least three qualifying additional visits to officially tap into the program in order to be on the receiving end of the real perks based on “mild”, “medium” and “hot” statuses within the program (hey, free entrees!) 

Four credits within a month earns diners “mild” status and a free entree. After eight credits, customers are promoted to “medium” status and receive two free entrees. For the big ballers and true Chipotle enthusiasts, eleven documented visits will earn them a total of three free entrees. Unfortunately, you are unable to make multiple purchases throughout the day to qualify for rewards. However, there are perks for maintaining your statuses throughout the entire three month promotion. By staying mild for all three months, you’ll receive an additional entree on behalf of Chipotle; a summer spent in medium status will get you $20 in branded swag and if you’re “hot” all summer, you’ll basically receive a party catered by Chipotle (catering for 20 people worth $240). Not bad.

You’ll definitely want to join the program on Friday and start earning your rewards immediately as this will be a short lived promotion. The rewards program ends on September 30 and we can only hope that it ends with Chipotle parties for all participants! Happy Eating!