Is Shein Legit? 5 Rules When It Comes To Shopping At SheIn

By now, you’ve probably seen at least one of your favorite Instagram influencers in fashion post about the brand Shein – then gone to their website, taken a look, and thought “WTF, is this.”

You probably thought it was sketchy or it completely overwhelmed you and immediately left. Is it too good to be true? We found out the dirt by ordering for over a course of a year – and here’s what we learned (note: this is not an ad, nor did Shein sponsor this post in any way).

1. Only  buy what has reviews and photos – or you’re taking a risk.
When you’re on the page of an item you want, scroll down and take a look at the review. Many people leave comments, photos, and have no problem sharing the truth about that item. Photos are a huge help when it comes to seeing what it actually looks like. Read as many as you can including what people say about the sizing, material etc. If it seems positive, go for the buy! If there are no reviews or no photos – we don’t reccomend buying it. We have had some purchases turn out completely fine – but we have had more show up lookng nothing like the photo or poor quality when buying it with zero reviews listed.

2. Read, read, read the reviews on sizing.
Nothing has been consistant when it comes to sizing. We have had items that we have ordered as a S and feel like a L, and we have ordered XL’s that seem like an XS. The best thing you can do is read the reviews and narrow in on sizing. People will tell you if it runs small or big, and usually at least a few will say what size they ordered, letting you know how it fit.

3. Express shipping means nothing.
Some of our orders with standard shipping came within days and extremely fast. However, expect to wait and definately don’t order anything you would need soon. Some of the products are shipped out of China and take a very long time to be processed. The longest we waited to receive a product was two weeks – this was the one ordered with express shipping. The good news is if you let them know you ordered and it’s been a long wait, they have great customer service and most likely will remove the express fee.

4. Don’t get excited for the free gifts.
Hey, anything free is great, but these free gifts are completey random. We received 3 pairs of white socks as our free gift. Nothing wrong with a pair of socks, but we definately thought perhaps it could be something better. Expect cheap jewelry or socks.

5. Don’t forget the promo code.
This website ALWAYS has some kind of promo code. Whether it’s your first time shopping, or you’re a regular – you can always find some kind of savings code on the homepage – the problem is remembering to put it in during check out, or it’s not applied.