It’s All About The Feed: 5 Tips to Strengthen Your Instagram Account

”Avocado toast pictures are cool but what does that really say?”

If you’re a creative or business owner, it’s honestly important to brand yourself via social media. Instagram acts as our own digital ”portfolio”, giving people a glimpse into our lives, who we are and most times determines opportunities we get.

A downside to Instagram is it gets oversaturated with the same kind of content. While a stylish pair  shades and coffee art picture is cool to look at, it’s also doesn’t hurt to try to avoid posting different versions of the same pictures that already exist to set yourself apart!

Former Editor-in-Chief  of Lucky Magazine and current director of fashion partnerships at Instagram Eva Chen, obviously knows what it takes to have a dope feed from a fashion standpoint. With 800k+ followers, a series of back-seat shoe pictures now coined the #EvaChenPose and referred to as  the ”Anna Wintour of the digital age”  she freely gives us her top tips for improving your Instagram account:

1. Be yourself:  ”This is simple, but hard advice to follow sometimes. Show the high points, yes, but also talk about the things that are challenging for you. Be open and honest”

2. Shoot more video: ”Don’t worry about the likes for videos, worry about the view count. People get to see how clothes move and your personality come to life with video.”

3. Use stories: ” Stories is great for in-between and  fun/silly moments that happen to you. The raw and real content is what people respond to.”

4. Post frequently: ”Many people are worried that they’llannoy their followers by posting frequently. But in reality, we all follow hundreds of people so you’re never gonna be spamming someone unless they’re literally just following you, which could be a little weird unless it’s your mom.”

5. Be creative: ”Post boomerangs, use filters, stickies and gifs or whatever you want to show your personality.Don’t just post what you think people will like, post what you like.”

Watch Eva Chen and WWD’s style director Alex Badia’s more in-depth conversation about this topic!