Jay Godfrey’s White Hot SS16 Collection

New York-based designer Jay Godfrey, who finds inspiration in chic New York City women, presented his SS16 collection on Saturday, September 12 at Pier 59 studios. As a designer with over nine years of experience, Godfrey is often celebrated due to the ways in which he effortlessly combines femininity, sex appeal and sophistication alongside modern silhouettes and luxurious fabrics. The result? Contemporary collections that perfectly accentuate the female figure.

Godfrey’s spring collection, which has us dying to fast forward through winter, is inspired by the work of the late, London-based, interior designer and architect, David Collins. According to Godfrey, while spending time in Seoul, Korea working on a hotel project, he often looked to Collins’ recently released coffee table book, ABCDCS, which pays tribute to the designer’s creation of sensual environments, as well as Collins’ use of unique simplicity and architectural lines. Influenced by Collins’ aesthetic, Godfrey produced a collection that represents exactly what his brand is: “sexy, clean, modern.”

Also of note, the models selected to represent Godfrey’s white hot collection were all of color. According to Godfrey, this was done not only to highlight his collection, but also to send a message: fashion doesn’t embrace women of color as they should, so I thought, let’s do this. It’s going to be such an amazing way of presenting the collection but also saying to the fashion community, ‘Guys, let’s wake up.’” No matter the reason, we hope this is a trend that catches on and continues for many fashion week’s to come.