Cocktails & Conversation with Juliet Angus: Fashion Trends, Styling Britney Spears & Social Media Trolls

Juliet Angus is a woman after our own heart. Not only is she on Bravo’s Ladies of London, but the Chicago native kicks some major butt when it comes to being a business woman, mother of two, stunning wife and of course, throwing a good bash. She’s just as intelligent and honest as she is stylish and fashionable, which comes as no surprise after one look at her website,

We caught up with Angus right before the holidays at Chicago’s Fred’s in Barneys, where we sipped on red wine and talked everything from fashion to social media trolls – and even found out her selfie game is just as strong as she is.

How did you get into the fashion world?

I had my own fashion PR firm in LA, but I’ve always loved it so much. My college friend my freshman year was Lauren Santo Domingo, and she went through my wardrobe and was like, “yikes.” So I started fresh and began getting into it.

I started noticing Chicago dressed different than LA, and I became more observant on style in different locations. When I would go somewhere, I picked up they dressed a little different. New York dressed different than San Fran, Chicago dressed different than LA. I started to be in-tune with different styles in different places with different vibes.

When I moved to London, my taste for high fashion began. I started working with them and since then I couldn’t stop.

How is the fashion different in London vs the states?

London is much more glamorous, I feel. I think people are big risk takers there and they’re the top, then it trickles into trends elsewhere. It’s a lot more “going out to dinner” people getting dressed up fabulous. I think it’s more dressy and more full of risks. People are willing to try things and are confident about their style.

How would you describe your style?

I think it has changed. Before I would say more is more. Now, it’s changed and I tone it down a bit. I’m a chameleon, really. I like to wear different things to different events. I feel like I can morph myself into trying different things for different occasions. I wore Zimmermann Floral Ruffle Mischief Dress and people on Twitter completely slammed it. I felt it was a great dress for where we were. Then I wore it around my friends and they absolutely loved it. It was a runway look. It doesn’t work for everyone, but I loved it.

Speaking of slams on social media, how do you deal with the social media trolls? Do you read the comments?

Yes, but I think maybe I’ll stop. Instagram I love because I can delete and block people that are nasty. That is my work and my business. Twitter I don’t care for much. I find it has the most trolls. However, I find a lot of amazing people and fans on Twitter as well, so I take that back.

Besides London, where should every fashionista visit?

I love Morocco. It does something to me when I get to the Medina of Marrakech and get to wear my crazy outfits. I get inspired by every single thing there. I get a velvet jacket every year there that’s velvet, silk embossed. Maison Du Kaftan Marocain has amazing things and you can get such deals there. And of course, Paris. I have to do a trip there every year.

Who inspires you?

My friends are the best stylists out there. I know what stylists I love. I love Ilaria Urbinati. I love what she does with the people she styles because she includes their individual personalities into their style. I think Jennifer Lopez has never looked better, and I can’t stop looking at her and thinking, “I wish I wore those dresses.” I wish I looked like J. Lo! I would never wear what she’s wearing, but then I’m like, “Hold on a second, I want to wear that!”

Speaking of celebrities, if you could dress or style anyone in the world, who would it be.

I would love to work on Britney Spears. I think I would make her look awesome. Britney and Miley Cyrus, I could both have fun with.

Winter is here and in full swing. What are some winter staples every woman needs.

A great coat. Right now I’m wearing this great coat from Popski London. It’s an adorable fur bomber. I also think every girl needs leather leggings and a cashmere turtleneck sweater, whether it’s chunky or fitted.  Everyone also needs a great pair of booties. I like a good studded bootie that makes a statement.

What about just closet staples? What should women invest in?

I think everyone should buy a Gucci bag right now because they currently have the best collection. Everyone needs a crossbody Gucci bag. You know when you buy it now, if it goes out of style, it’ll come right back and be cool again.

What trends do you see for 2017?

I’m not a big jewelry person but I love APM Monaco’s ear cuffs. They’re amazing. I think shredded flooded ankle jeans are staying in. I wore them last November and now they’re sold out everywhere!

I’m into shirts with cut outs, too currently. As much as I don’t want to admit it, I can’t get enough of the lace-up tie shirts, either.

I love mom jeans and a bodysuit. Highwaisted jeans and a black bodysuit can’t go wrong. I think there’s something very Cindy Crawford and sexy about it.

Okay, what outfit are you totally killing for right now? 

I would love to wear this dress from MAGDA BUTRYM  It’s like my dream to wear that. I want it!



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By Staci Wuokko, WRUW Deputy Editor