Holy Sh*t! Justin Bieber Eating A Burrito Photo Was Fake??!!

justin bieber eating a burrito

Last week, a photo of Justin Bieber eating a burrito went psychotically viral. Furthermore, it was because he was eating the burrito side ways. Sadly, we have some serious news about the photo.

A company called Yes Theory found a J. Biebs look-a-like, and the rest is history – wouldn’t it have been dope to be that guy?! Next, they flew him out to L.A., posed him, and found the best photo. Consequently, Justin Bieber eating a burrito side ways sealed the deal. Okay, these dudes are freaking genius.

Additionally, they went one step further by creating multiple fake interviews stating that they saw the real J. Biebs in the park that day, making it even more believable.

Next, they “leaked” the photo on reddit, and the world went nuts. We’re talking viral, folks. On the important news stations and all. There wasn’t a place Justin Bieber eating a burrito didn’t exist. For instance, there was a serious debate about Justin eating the burrito, and why he would hold it in such a way. People had to know more. Only a few focused on mentioning whether or not it was even J. Biebs.

I’ll be the first to say that I thought it was Justin Bieber and believed all of it. TBH, I didn’t even notice he was eating a burrito weirdly? I just thought he looked like a happy dude enjoying his meal in the park. Can we let him live a little?

Finally, let’s talk about the next hilarious thing. Furthermore and more hilarious, Justin never came forward to say it wasn’t him. Dude took all the credit and was probably cracking up every time he saw it pop up. As a result, he prob got hungry and ate a burrito after. We bet Justin reached out to these guys with a big handshake after they came forward.

We have to hand it to these evil geniuses. This was an amazing plot.

By Staci Wuokko