K Guys, If You Haven’t Seen The Names Of Rihanna x Fenty Lip Glosses Now Is The Time

B*tch better have my … amazing lip gloss names … and she does.

Riri is back with her bad a$$ lip glosses, and it’s not just the shades that are amazing – nope! The names are just as unreal and Rihanna-like. The collection includes six lippys that come in two sets of three.

Set number one, is called Summer Daze. It entails a mint green shade called Single, a peach shade called Bilingual, and a fuchsia shade called Ready to Mingle. Ha! Ain’t that the truth to us all.

The Summer Nights trio features a burgundy-green shade called Snake Skin, a blue-purple shade called Mermaid Thighs, and a gold-pink shade called VayCray. Um, vaycray? More like, we are v cray cray.

We thought that being the OPI and Essie polish-namer would be the best flipping job ever, but no – whoever got to name these def has the best career in the world. Shop them now.