Kanye West Is Moving To Chicago For Good! Will There Be A Yeezy Office, Too?

Kanye West says he’s permanently moving back home.

The rapper told the Open Mic Chicago event’s crowd he wants to stay in his hometown. In the video recorded, he states,

“I gotta let y’all know that I’m moving back to Chicago and I’m never leaving again.”

Um, what?! Is Kim coming, too? Will Soho memberships drastically go up in hopes to see the artist? What restaurants will become his fav that we need to constantly go to? Will he pick the city or burbs? So many questions we have!

Rumors also state he has found a home and will open up a Yeezy office in our homeland. How can we get a job there?

Hey, at least it’ll give him a little time to breathe and less time with the paparazzi!? Stay tuned with WRUW on more news on the move!