Celebrity Stylist, Monica Rose on Styling Fall Must Haves

Although you may not know her name, you certainly recognize the style aesthetic of Monica Rose, and more than likely have worn an outfit inspired by her genius. Thanks to the social media generation and its leaders, it’s almost impossible to scan a fashion website, scroll through Instagram or even watch your best friend’s Snapchat videos without stumbling across Monica Rose’s work or fashion DNA. Serving as the top stylist of the current era, Monica Rose is responsible for creating the hottest looks for pretty much every it-girl you can think of. Some of her clients to date carry last names like Kardashian, Jenner, Hadid, Teigan and that’s just the beginning. As these girls are photographed on a daily basis, it’s no surprise that the sartorial influence of Monica Rose is felt everywhere. So when we came across a video interview, detailing the must-have trends for fall and what we can expect to see her clients in, we, naturally felt like we hit gold and have decided to share the wealth. While we may not have Monica Rose on speed dial or access to a breadth of designer clothes, this is the information we need that will have us looking like Monica Rose styled us, herself.

Click the link above to watch Monica Rose break down her favorite looks and share her top styling secrets. With the right notes, you and your bestie will be serving KenGi vibes in no time.