Kendall Jenner’s Best Looks At PFW

Kendall Jenner can do no wrong in the fashion world. Whether she’s in sweats or dolled up, she always manages to keep it 100p when it comes to style. For Paris Fashion Week, she upped her game by pulling out every trend possible and put her own spin on it.

We gathered our favorite outfits the fashionista wore during the main event. See them below.

Kendall may be the only one that was given this gift. The model wore this Louis Vuitton outfit right off the runway, pairing it with a chic red corset.

Take a good, hard look, because these pants are the new leggings. Kendall went full blown Parisian by wearing latex trousers, pairing them with a Gucci brand hoodie and red blazer.

Kendall ditched the high heels for some sneakers, but still looked front-row chic. We love how she added a fur scarf for an extra luxurious touch.

Looking extra mysterious, Kendall took a break from bright red and donned a leather trench coat while wearing all black.

Red is the it color of the year! Kendall wore the hue from head-to-toe and pulled it all together with massive statement earrings. We don’t know what people were looking at more – her, or the runway!

We say, “oui, oui,” to this this ensemble. Kendall looked extra mature in a navy set paired with velvet booties.