Kim Kardashian Flip Flops And Socks: Is This The Next Big Thing?

Kim Kardashian wore flip flops and socks … so we wore flip flops and socks.The sock trend is becoming hotter than ever and you can thank our girl Kim Kardashian. But now, Kim Kardashian flip flops and socks trend is the latest thing coming over the style forecast. Is it hot, or is it not?

It’s been done before, and we can laugh and make fun of it as much as we want, but if Kim is doing it … it might just be the next big thing – ugh. While, we all can all say “WTF?” there’s one thing we can all agree with, it’s that it’s comfy AF.

Let’s not forget the tube top is just as on fire right now,. Additionally, so are cargo pants, so we shouldn’t be surprised that the 90s style made a major comeback, with or without Kim. The sandals are not for the fashion faint of heart. They’re more for the daring who can wear it with confidence and know they look like a BMF. We suggest pairing with branded socks like ADIDAS, Nikes or some cute striped pairs.

Yes, we are actually talking about this right now … it’s actually happening.

If you don’t like the look – just think of all the benefits.

For one, uh, your feet won’t get dirty? And, you can finally show off your cute socks. Wear with cycle short, dresses, shorts, joggers, the possibilities are endless. Just make sure your socks are clean, no one wants to see some filth or dirt and get grossed out this summer! But, TBH, we suggest getting way more dope flip flops than the one on Kim’s feet. We are praying these don’t pick up, as we aren’t a huge fan (yet … ).

Kim Kardashian flip flops and socks – check out her look below and comment below if you love it or hate it!