Kim Kardashian Releases Festival Accessories That Hide Your Drugs & Alcohol

If you didn’t like Kim Kardashian, you might like her a little more now.

Kim just released some amazing festival gear, and they’re kind of amazing. While the reality star is against drugs and doesn’t drink alcohol, she released new merchandise that is sure to get past security, and of course, make you look really hot.

The line includes lots of tie-dye, from rolling papers to t-shirts, including a multi-colored crying Kim face phone case.  If you’re looking to sneak some alchy in, there is a flawless flask that reads, “Still drunk from yesterday.” Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) that will probably hold true to the majority festival goers.

The Coachella-inspired line also features some dope floaties, including a giant butt and a speech bubble with the word “Lit” inside – bye, bye flamingo floats, we’re putting our a** on another a**.


Shockingly enough, she also added some paraphernalia items, including a dime bag, which Kendall Jenner posted on Snapchat writing “The cutest ziploc baggie I have ever seen.”

There are also bandanas which double as a “dime bag” – meaning you can pretty much sneak whatever you need in – uh, why hasn’t someone thought of that before?!

Download the latest Kimojis to see what else may drop, or shop her current items by heading to the Kimoji store.