Kim Kardashian’s Reasoning For Deleting Family Christmas Card Photos Is Unreal

Something is happening, something seriously is happening.

You know those annoying AF but you couldn’t get enough photos from the Kardashians, that was supposed to create their annual Christmas card? All that work from each Kardashian, and what does Kim do? She has deleted every photo from the shoot. Perhaps it didn’t go with her creative flow, but we’re assuming there is something way more to it. Perhaps her pregnancy announcement didn’t go well with the white background? Is Kim going to be the one who actually announces Kylie’s pregnancy? Ew, like why do we even care … but we do, so hurry up Kim and post so we know WTF is actually going on.


Kim tweeted why she removed the photos stating, “Was always the plan. I archieved them so my instagram feed vibe is back.”

And there we have it, we can’t go messing up Kim K’s feed – even if it is your own blood. Hey, we get it. Glad your vibes are back Kim, we were super worried.