Kiss My Sass

Let’s talk lipstick. The Kylie Jenner lip fiasco over the last few months perfectly describes how we feel about lips: obsessed.

Summer is finally here and from the brights to the pastels, the season gives us so many fabulous ways to rock the more vibrant lip. But which of the thousands of lovely lipsticks actually work? And most importantly, which ones look best? Here are a few of my favorite colors of the season for any price range.

Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick ($22, Sephora)

Color Pictured: Beso (Matte)

Now when Stila says it stays all day, they really mean it. This lipstick has gotten me through long nights out and it STILL looks fantastic. I’m a huge fan of matte lipstick and this one is by far one of my favorites. All of the colors are highly pigmented and super vibrant, so they look fantastic on, with no need to re-apply. This is my go-to for the classic red lip.

But be wary! Because it is a liquid, it has a gloss wand, making it somewhat difficult to apply. Pro tip: be sure to keep cotton swabs close by.

Smashbox Be Legendary Lipstick ($20, Smashbox)

Color Pictured: Punch Drunk Matte

Smashbox is by far one of my favorite makeup brands. Hands down. Period. I use their products for nearly everything. That being said, their Be Legendary Lipsticks come in 26 beautiful shades and goes on creamy and smooth. They’re a bit more subtle, so a great option for the office. Even the matte colors have a bit of shine when you put them on. However, like many matte lipsticks, it can apply very dry, so definitely apply a lip balm before.



Color Pictured: Sweet Pink

Like I said, I love matte lipstick. LOVE it. For the price you pay, L’Oreal is definitely worth the money. While they only have a few matte options, the colors are absolutely brilliant. “Sweet Pink” is the definition of the hot pink lip. It’s super easy to apply with the pen form, no sharpening required. Because the formula is not quite as thick as others, it does require a few coats. It also looks great when layered with other colors. I personally recommend a berry color on top for extra fun!

Color Pictured: Get the Look!

For the super budget conscious, Essence has a great variety of lip colors that won’t break the bank and come in some of the most hip shades. For instance, this bright lavender pastel is one of the hottest shades of the season and you can try it without burning a hole in your pocket! Though all their colors are  on point, it does lack some pigment, an issue that exists with many budget friendly lipsticks. So, I recommend a lip liner base underneath to make the color really pop.


Watch out Kylie, because with these flawless tips, the WRUW girls will be coming at you! 

Written by: Katie Buckner