Kylie Jenner Teases New Fourth of July Themed Lip Kit Shades

Kylie Jenner has been feeling blue lately – and while we’re not sure if it’s a result of her previous relationship or she’s just really into the color as of late but no matter the case, we’re here for it. After painting her Ferrari blue and naming it “Kylie Blue” and bringing back her infamous blue hair from back in the day, Kylie has announced two new lip kit shades, scheduled for a Friday release. Not only is this release perfect for the Fourth of July but the colors were exclusively created for the summer holiday! On Monday, the reality star and beauty guru debut the Lip Kits via her Snapchat: Freedom, a deep navy, and Skylie, a powder blue. According to Kylie, “Skylie” was inspired by her recent paint job. Prepare your accounts and credit cards now, beauty mavens! These colors will be available for purchase on Friday.