Kylie Jenner’s Birthday: 5 Affordable Hot Pink Satin Dresses

Kylie Jenner’s birthday was obvs like no other. She kicked things off in a hot pink satin dress before sliding into an unreal sparkly one piece. Consequently, she looked flawless in both getups with her bleach blonde hair.  As a result of her style, we’re certain the satin hot pink dress is replacing the always go-to of a LBD.

When we say pink, we don’t mean just a little bit. We’re talking about Kylie Jenner’s birthday ensemble – head to toe.

Additionally, tjmhe trend is the perfect way to brighten and lighten up our low-key and black dominant wardrobe, and is a sure way to positively draw attention. But how do we wear it without looking like a bottle of Pepto? Opt for a chic option like Kylie Jenner’s birthday look.

Think pink is to girly-girl for you? Think again! This season’s pink is a bossy babe, and it’s anything but delicate. It’s adventurous, deviant and flirty. You don’t have to be a fan of the Kardashian clan to wear it – trust us.

Unfortunately, we don’t all have Kylie’s bank account and can’t afford a dress that cost thousands. Hell, we can’t even afford one that costs hundreds. But what we can do is find some identical versions that you can shop right now. You’re welcome.

Boohoo, $20

Boohoo, $22

Fashion Nova, $32.99

Fashion Nova, $39.99

Revolve, $60