Kylie Jenner’s Pop-Up Store Has Some Really Weird Rules

Kylie Jenner’s pop-up store was all the hype this week, but it left several fans dissappointed. The store took place at the Topanga Westfield and featured her Kylie makeup brand as well as clothing. The store was supposed to look like Jenner’s bedroom – but it wasn’t easy to get in.

According to Racked, fans had to follow rules in order to make it in. What kind of rules do you ask? Some serious WTF kind. For example, you needed to stand at all times while waiting in line, which consisted of people who had been standing for over ten hours.

You needed a wristband to get into the store, which completely makes sense, but once given the wristband, you were absolutely not allowed to leave the line.

But things continue to get weirder…

If you thought you would be able to take your time shopping for yourself and friends and looking at all the pretty lip kit colors – think again. Customers were allowed 20 minutes to shop and 10 minutes to wait in the checkout line.

While browsing, shoppers noticed something else. There were no pricetags on any items, so when it came to your 10 minutes of check out, the final pricetag was a surprise.

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Yeah, we at WRUW would love to be a part of the action, but standing in line for ten hours makes online shopping from our bed sound a whole lot better – sorry Ky.

Would you go through all this trouble to shop Kylie’s store? Comment below.