Las Vegas Style Guide: WRUW Fast Fashion Podcast Host Mary Dishes On What You Need For Sin City

Vegas is always a good idea – especially for your 21st birthday. Our WRUW Fast Fashion podcast host Mary had a little break between podcasts to celebrate her big day in Sin City. We caught up with her to find out what’s needed to survive the fun location, what’s in her beautiful bag, and how she stayed looking haute – even when it was hot AF.

I brought Glossier cloud paint with me in colors dusk & beamI used beam for a natural glowy look, because it’s better if you’re going to a pool party/any activity during the day. However, when I went out at night, I put on dusk  because it’s much more intense and dramatic on me.

Vegas is HOT! My lips get dry quickly, so I use  Glossier Balm Dotcom in flavor coconut to keep them smooth.

Although it was my 21st birthday, I still believe natural is best.  I used to do the whole dramatic AF eyeliner look, but then I think I got super lazy and started wearing mascara and I unexpectedly loved the look! I used Loreal Paris Voluminous Mascara because it gets the job done and is affordable – every beauty addict raves about it.

Not many people know this, but I  am a germaphobe. I have my boyfriend touch the handles of doors for me  (not that he doesn’t open doors for me)…but I admit I worry about the germs, so obvs  I always have Germ X On Me.

Don’t forget to bring lotion so your skin doesn’t get dry and so you don’t end up looking like a lobster at the pool.  My fav lotion is from Nivea, and I think it’s absolutely the best.

You have to stay smelling good on vacay! The perfume I wear is  Chance Chanel.  My secret is that I mix it with Tommy Bahama St. Barts Perfume – believe me it’s a magical potion.Chance Chanel.  My secret is that I mix it with Tommy Bahama St. Barts Perfume – believe me it’s a magical potion.

I felt like such a tourist when I was in Vegas since it was my first time there, so OBVIOUSLY I was getting my pics. For my phone to last me all day, I brought a portable charger.

I get dehydrated easily so I  always have a water bottle on. I decided to be boujee and buy myself a Contigo water bottle – it’s worth it!

Everyone knows how much I am obsessed with snacking on Harvest Snaps –  the tomato basil version. I have a bag almost every day to snack on, so you best believe I brought those to Vegas.

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