Let Your Personality Pick Your Next Manicure

If there’s one way to act like you’ve got your life together it’s by having a manicure that can literally get you through anything. And if there’s something every WhatRUWearing girl knows, it’s that just like your wardrobe, your polish line-up should change with the seasons, too. With the dull skies and heavy, cold air that comes with the fall and winter months, bold, rich colors are best when shuffling through the many choices at your favorite mani/pedi place. Below we have listed the nail colors that go best with your personality!

NARS “Superstar”

The polish name couldn’t have said it any better. This color is for the girls who are always the life of the party, spend hours getting ready for the party, or even are the ones throwing the party! They are extremely ambitious and that goes for their extreme style as well. You definitely own a pair of combat boots, as well as 6 inch heels, and you can rotate between looks like no one else.




Essie “Going Incognito”

Red may be the power color, but this season green is taking the lead. That’s right, this color is for the leaders and go-getters. And going with the “incognito” theme, these ladies always seem to have it all together but never show their sweat while trying to get things done. They have a simplistic style but are always put together and looking chic!




China Glaze “Below Deck”

This is for the girls who play by the rules but like to make a statement doing so! This color is subtle and falls within the autumn pantone spread, but strikes up a few compliments more often than not. Your style consists of a few standard pieces and nothing ever too bright or too gaudy, but you do know how to rock the seasonal trends and looking extra fabulous when it calls for it.




OPI “Skating on Thin Iceland”

Everyone has that one friend who is a fashion forward girly-girl, and as a result, you can definitely imagine them wearing this color! If you spend more time picking out your outfits than stressing over what Netflix show to binge watch (cause it’s likely you’re either on your 3rd round of Gossip Girl or can’t get enough of Pretty Little Liars) and if the second you step out of the house you get shoe compliments galore, this color is definitely for you.




OPI “Wooden Shoe”

While the polish name does not match the personality or shoe choice of this Slayonce whatsoever, the neutral color fits right in with whatever she may be doing. It’s pretty evident how this girl gets all her social media love as this street style expert sports a great attitude with the confidence, sass, and swagger that is not had by many yet adored by most.