Lisa Frank Makeup Could Happen With Your Help

What does a girl from the ’90s want? All thing Lisa Frank. We were blessed in our younger years with the folders, notebooks and pencils, but now that we’re growing up – we want the iconic colors in adult form.

A Kickstarter campaign collaborating with Glamour Dolls is making a limited-edition cruelty-free and vegan makeup collection in bright and bold colors of our favorite middle school brand. The campaign is aiming to make $30,000 so it can launch six products, including a vegan leather makeup bag, a unicorn lippie highlight powder, lip balm, matte mouse, and liquid eyeliner – all devoted to Lisa Frank.


If the website hits their goal, they’ll start with the unicorn makeup brush, which features magical creatures and pink bristles. The more money the Kickstarter makes, the more Frank items they’ll create.