LOL: Urban Outfitters Is Trying To Sell This Tshirt …

Urban Outfitters has a new shirt at their store – and we can guarantee you won’t buy it.

We have no idea what it is, but it looks as though someone cut off the remainder of a dirty wife beater tank, hitting right above your chest so you can show off your assets? The description states, “it’s ultra-sexy way to layer,” and is “the coolest layer look.”

Our first thought was, “Is Regina George working for UO?” And, “If Kendall Jenner gets a hold of this, will it actually be a thing?”

Today, we went back to gawk, and the store removed the piece. Was it so cool it sold out? Was it a joke? Was the website hacked? We’ll never know – but we missed the chance of buying the $16 sexy layer!

Even if you were able to buy this, we would be dying to know where you would where it, or why you wouldn’t purchase a $5 Hanes tank and cut it off …

ASOS has had several odd items hitting the store, including the “man choker” and a ribbon that posed as lingerie. Maybe Urban Outfitters was testing the water of weirdness? Which retail store will be next?!