14 Must Have Lollapalooza Beauty Essentials

It’s that time of year again — Lollapalooza is upon us and we’re all attempting to gauge the weather, pick the right outfits, and repack probably 5 to 7 times. Although we’re sure your outfits are already in-check, planning your beauty regime for the weekend is just as important. Because we are well aware of the packing/re-packing struggles, we came up with a list of Lolla-necessities you MUST bring with you during the festival weekend that we guarantee will keep you feeling fresh and put together.

1. Zahra Flash Tattoos, $22.00

Don’t want the hassle of putting on jewelry or potentially losing it while walking to-and-from performers? Flash Tattoos are on every festival girl’s must-have list and they should be on yours too.


2. Belif First Aid Anti-hangover Mask, $34.00

Whether drinks are involved or not, this overnight, anti-hangover mask calms and revitalizes your skin and helps you maintain that healthy, energized complexion.


3. Perfect Morning BB Mask, $32.00

The Perfect Morning BB Mask is a 3-in-1 mask that cleans your skin, diminishes your pores and leaves a day-long glow.


4. Drybar Detox Dry Shampoo, $22.00

Don’t have time to go through the process of washing your hair then drying it? No problem! This dry shampoo is perfect for absorbing oil in your hair and adding volume so that your hair will stay looking fresh and full of life while enjoying the Lolla festivities.


5. First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream, $6.50

This travel-sized pouch should be a staple in every beauty first aid kit. The Ultra Repair Cream serves a head-to-toe moisturizer that relieves irritated and dehydrated skin.


6. Smashbox Camera Ready BB Foundation, $39.00

Melting makeup that is caked on and liquefying off your face can ruin anyone’s day. So for a festival weekend, stick with a BB cream. The Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream is light weight, oil-controlling, and contains SPF 35.


7. Supergoop Defense Refresh 3-in-1 Setting Mist, $28.00

This refreshing 3-in-1 mist is a must for anyone spending their days outside. Supergoop’s Defense Refresh Setting Mist  is a non-oily, non-greasy spray that not only sets your makeup and controls oils and shine, but also contains SPF. The rosemary and mint smell just happens to be an added bonus!


8. Boscia Black Charcoal Blotting Linens, $10.00

These blotting linens are the quickest way to make yourself look put together and ready to take on the day. If you find yourself getting oily, simply pull one of the sheets out of your purse, dab on the area, and voila!


9. Bobbi Brown No Smudge Waterproof Mascara, $26.00

We talked about melting makeup earlier and running mascara definitely falls into that category. Make sure to bring a waterproof mascara that won’t smudge or drip – The Bobbi Brown No Smudge Mascara is our favorite pick!


10. Clinique Roll-On Antiperspirant-Deodorant, $12.50

Putting on an antiperspirant rather than a deodorant is a smart idea when you’re going to be in festival-mode and most likely sweating throughout the day. Carrying regular deodorant in a purse can overheat and the oil will melt out. However, with a roll-on, travel sized antiperspirant, there will be no mess! If this isn’t genius, we don’t know what is.


11. Tarteguard SPF, $32.00

I think we have your face covered in the SPF department, now it’s time to protect the rest of our bodies. This travel sized Tarteguard SPF is the perfect tool to bring with you while spending the weekend under the hot sun. Even better, this SPF replenishes and brightens your skin while protecting you from the harmful rays.


12. Bath and Body Works Hand Sanitizer, $1.75

If you don’t already have this, stock up! At any type of festival you should always have access to some type of antibacterial. Need we say more?


13. MAC Sized To Go Wipes, $10.00

Now, we don’t feel we need to explain why makeup wipes are on this list, but we posted it as a reminder. MAC Sized To Go Wipes are a perfect fit for whatever bag you’re bringing!


14. Sugar Lip Treatment Sunscreen, $22.50

If you haven’t gotten your lips on this best-selling product yet, you’re missing out. Made with real sugar and natural humectant, this Sugar Lip Treatment moisturizes and protects with its added SPF.