Made Of Plastic, It’s Fantastic: Who Needs Vinyl Pants When You Can Have A Vinyl Jacket?

The sex appeal of vinyl has moved from our legs to our upper body – no we aren’t talking about some S&M kinky stuff, we’re talking about our spring jackets.

The shiny trend was spotted all over New York, Paris and Milan runways from Chanel and Valentino, to Marc Jacobs and Calvin Klein. Celebrities all over are also wearing the glossy coat – and we totes can dub Rihanna the queen of the style. While we love a slick pair of vinyl trousers, we found they can be a little squeaky, and pretty sweaty when it comes to hotter weather – seriously, ew. Luckily, you can still go for the dominatrix look by wearing the material in a jacket.

If you’re wondering how you look chic and less catwoman, stick with a style that is currently in trend like a puffer, trench or anorak. Pair with simple pieces to dress them up, like your favorite pair of skinny jeans or ADIDAS tee. We promise it will make any outfit more sleek and futuristic in the best possible way. Whether you’re running last minute errands in the city or meeting friends out in the night, the jacket is versatile and goes with almost anything.

Still wondering if the wet look is for you? Check out some flawless vinyl coat getups below.