Magnetic False Eyelashes May be the Best Beauty Hack of All Time

False eyelashes are a blessing within itself; we all love them for the fullness and length they provide that even our favorite mascara can’t cover sometimes. Of course, applying them with messy glue could also be a pain and V time consuming, and no one likes to constantly reapply and possibly ruin a freshly beat face!

Struggle no more ladies, One Two Cosmetics has created a solution to our getting ready beauty routine: Magnetic Falsies! So how does it work? According to the company’s website, ”One Two Lash sandwiches your natural lashes between two ultra-lightweight fiber strips to create a bold, dramatic lash line in seconds.” 



With a little practice of application, the One Two Lash can give you the dramatic Kardashian-esque lashes you dream about. The removal process is safe and easy also!

One Two Cosmetics Lash Kits include: Original Lash, for a natural everyday wear, Bold Lash, for a fuller, more glamorous look, both priced at $69 and Accent Lash, $59, to highlight the outer corners of your lash.