YAS: The (#) Make My Size Movement Is Picking Up

make my size movement

What do we want? Everyone represented! When do we want it? Now! And that is exactly why some women started the (#) Make My Size campaign.These days, it’s super hard to shop by going off a size. You might be a size 6 at one place, and a size 10 at another.  Nothing is consistent when it comes to sizing. The women behind The 12ish Style, Katie Sturino, started the hashtag to call out brands for not making enough sizes.

Every time they ordered online, none of the clothes fit, and the frustrations became real. She finally took it to Instagram to bring the reality of the situation.

She told Health.com, “I had an online shopping order come in and nothing fit me. I’m a fashion blogger in New York City and I have a really tough time finding something to wear. And if I have a tough time, imagine how the regular woman who’s not a fashion blogger feels. I’m hoping that designers will take note and extend their sizes. And if they don’t already have plans to introduce extended sizing, I want them to see how many beautiful women they’re missing out on.”

Considering most women are a size 14-16, it’s been shocking that more brands don’t carry more inclusive sizes. This is exactly why we started a similar inclusion campaign called, #ReflectMeLike.

Additionally, many of the companies or brands only feature plus sizing online. Um, what? Fashion has taken steps in some improvement, but things need to be taken to a further level. We’re thankful that this campaign and that it has become a movement. But size isn’t the only thing lacking in the fashion and creative world. Shapes, sizes, colors, culture and more need to all be represented.

Finally, as a creative minded company that is unapologetic in voicing our opinions on important and provocative topics, we demand inclusion in the creative and fashion world. Our team, which includes Farissa Knox, Mary Melnikov, Staci Wuokko, Rashima Sampson and Gabriela Irizarry, are all women made of different backgrounds.

We created #ReflectMeLike, which pledges to highlight diversity and acknowledges our responsibility as content creators to be inclusive.

To incorporate the importance, we brought the campaign to life by highlighting some of the most iconic magazines, and paying homage to the influential female pop culture superstars who have graced the covers. Founder and CEO, Farissa Knox explained, “It is the beginning of a new era. The era in which it is no longer a big deal, or even something to be celebrated that all types of people, women, men, transgender and everyone else, sees reflections of themselves in the art, content and entertainment we, as the media, produce.”

“(#)ReflectMeLike means we, as content consumers, are done letting other people show us our reflection from their perspective. Our ultimate goal is to create, produce and offer content that everyone can see themselves in.”

The event featured the women of WhatRUWearing in a museum-like, chic showcase at the company’s headquarters. Each attraction featured an employee on a cover of a magazine, recreating the most iconic magazine covers from some of the biggest female celebrities in the world. The original magazines were also on display. You can see it, here.