Mango’s New Collection Has The Most Pinterest-Worthy Neutral Palette We’ve Ever Seen

Mango’s new collection doesn’t just look amazing – the company just launched Mango Committed, which contains a 45-piece sustainable collection made up of  25 women’s and 20 men’s fashion. That’s right, you can shop and feel extra good about it now!

The brand teamed up with Morocco, Portugal and Turkey, only allowing ethically-sourced fabrics. What exactly is an ethical fabric? Organic cotten, recycled polyest and Tencel are all examples of what you’ll find in the line. Mango hopes to become more environmentally-friendly from here out, and are already working on a tool to measure and reduce the company’s water footprint. Back in 2015, they created an in-store recycling program with Spanish organization Koopera. Other stores like H&M and Zara have already produced ethically-sourced fabrics, and hopefully, more and more retailers take it in consideration.

“Mango has been working in different initiatives related to sustainability for many years now and this collection seemed like a natural step,” communications director Guillermo Corominas told Vogue. “We have carefully selected the materials and suppliers we wanted to work with, and it has been more or less planned at the same time as the rest of collections of the season. It’s a thoughtfully crafted collection for women and men featuring fashion pieces committed to environmental sustainability.”

Besides it being totes environmental friendly – it’s insanely cute. With a color palette of Instagram-worthy neutrals. We’re talking gorgeous beige, dark greys, striking black and pearly whites. The line ranges from just about anything – from structured blazers and pant suits to sweat pants and comfy shirts.

While we don’t always think of where our clothes come from, how they’re manufactured and who is making them, there’s no better time to do so than now. Look at more photos below, and click here to see the full collection.