Mario Didn’t Make Us Models but He Did Get Real about Today’s Beauty Standards

With all-things-beauty constantly in our editorial lineup, we were beyond thrilled to receive the opportunity to gain a behind the scenes sneak peek into Mario Tricoci’s “Make Me A Model” campaign at Presidio, alongisde Glossed & Found and the hair guru himself. If you’re not already familiar with Mario’s Make Me a Model campaign, one of five lucky model hopefuls will soon be selected and featured in a future TV commercial, fashion shoot and runway presentations. The winner will also gain access to a possible contract with Factor Models and of course, the Tricoci name. 

An evening that began with savory appetizers, endless spicy mango margaritas, and a room filled with some of Chicago’s top designers and fashion forward guests, ended with the opportunity to sit down with the internationally known man, himself. Chicago’s very own, Mario Tricoci. 

It’s no secret that Mario is a brilliant beauty maven, which is why we couldn’t help but jump at the opportunity to ask a few of our need-to-know questions that only a beauty and style innovator, such as himself, would have the best insight to.

Before we could even ask any questions, Mario greeted us with a sweet hello and began telling us how this group of models are the best they’ve ever had. He stated, “They’re all at 100 percent when it comes to attractiveness, photogenic abilities, physique and their etiquette and attitudes are impressive. No matter who wins, I imagine all five [contestants] will sign with agencies.”

As a veteran of the industry, who has experienced both the good and bad of beauty overtime, we had to ask Mario what the number one beauty trend or cliche is that needs to be put to an end. His response? Fake bodies. Although we we’re slightly taken back, we couldn’t agree more. According to Mario, “If you have a high tush, God bless it. If you don’t, leave it alone.” He also added that he prefers simple and chic makeup, not high contouring and hard looks. He also stressed the importance of learning your bone structure rather than trying to etch it in.

With only a few short minutes left, we thought we’d get one last question in and we’re glad we asked it: What advice can you provide in regards to today’s beauty standards? To which he responded, “The conception of beauty lies in self-esteem. Don’t get lost in low self-esteem. You must be sure of yourself and never lie to yourself. You have to look in the mirror and believe in yourself, behold your own beauty.” 

A man of wise words, to say the least. To learn more about the Mario Make Me a Model competition, go to and be sure to snag tickets for the conclusion, as the models walk their final runways on September 25, 2015!