Meet Hanna Leadstrom, the WhatRUWearing Girl You Need to Know Now

Today, we’re kicking off a new series where we highlight some of WhatRUWearing’s top and hardest working campus ambassadors. Selected internally from a number of applications, WhatRUWearing’s campus ambassadors serve as an extension of the internal team and help promote WhatRUWearing on their campus by telling all of their closest and most fashionable friends about the WhatRUWearing app, as well as further contributing from a marketing and public relations or editorial standpoint. 

We recently caught up with one of our most fabulous ambassadors, Hanna Leadstrom, as she filled us in on how she defines her personal style, which beauty products she can’t live without, what she’s coveting this season and which celebrity she’d literally die to trade closets with. Read on to learn this and more about the budding taste maker from Winona State University!

1. Where  do  you  go  to  school  and  what  are  you  studying?      

I  go  to  Winona  State  University  in  Minnesota.  I  will  get  my  Bachelor  of  Arts   Degree  this  May  in  Mass  Communication.  My  emphasis  is  public  relations  and   marketing.  Watch  out,  Olivia  Pope!

 2. Describe  your  style  using  3  words

 Bohemian.  Simple.  Adaptive.    

3. Who’s  your  style  icon?      

I’ve  been  digging  Shay  Mitchell  lately.  Her  ability  to  rock  natural  tones  with  a   bold  lip  is  something  I  strive  to  incorporate  in  my  weekend  looks!      

4. Which  trends  are  you  coveting  this  season?      

A  good,  dark  lipstick  is  always  fun  to  rock!    

5. Give  us  a  glimpse  of  what’s  in  your  makeup  bag.  What  are  your  top  3   products?      

Hm,  that’s  tough!  I  spend  my  free  time  watching  YouTube  beauty  tutorials  for   fun,  and  I  live  and  breathe  by Jaclyn  Hill’s  Channel.  If  I  had  to  pick  my  top   three  it  would  be  the  following:    

1. Tartelette  Amazonian  Clay  Matte  Eyeshadow  Palette,  $45  –  Force  of   Nature  is  my  go-­‐to  everyday  shade.  

2. Too  Faced  Perfect  Eyes  Waterproof  Eyeliner,  $18  –  It’s  an  eyeliner  pencil,   but  it’s  smooth  formula  goes  on  like  liquid!    

3. Philosophy  Purity  Made  Simple,  $11-­‐$55  –  The  first  step  to  flawless   makeup  is  a  cleansed  face!  That’s  why  I  love  to  splurge  on  this  product.    

6. Which  items  in  your  wardrobe  can’t  you  live  without?    

Probably  my  Express  low-­‐rise  dark  wash  jeans.  I  can  wear  them  to  class  or   for  a  night  out!    

7. What’s  your  dream  piece  of  clothing?      

I  would  die  happy  if  I  owned  a  pair  of  Louboutin’s  one  day.  #Goals   

8. If  you  could  trade  closets  with  anyone,  who  would  it  be  and  what’s  the   first  thing  you’d  wear? 

Like I said before, I look up to Shay Mitchell’s style! The first thing I would wear is this dress and fur pull over, just to feel glamorous. This is a timeless look!

9. What are you currently obsessing over?

Currently I am obsessing over blazers! I graduate this May, so I’m always on the look out for the perfect blazer to wear to an interview. Blazers are chic, yet professional. They say, “I mean business, so listen up.”

10.What’s the most valuable lesson you’ve learned while in college?

As much as you think you might be the only person in the world struggling with a certain issue, there is always someone out there fighting a harder battle. So be kind, be a listener and always dress up for the occasion. Because you never know what opportunities could come your way! In a world where everyone is trying to “one up” each other with stories, you should sit back and be an empathetic listener. Sincerely caring about someone and listening to him or her goes a long way in our world