Meet The Models Of Missguided’s New Campaign That We Think Is Dope AF

Sometimes in a IG and advertising driven world, it’s hard to remember that no one is perfect.

But that’s where Missguided is stepping in. The brand launched their #InYourOwnSkin campaign, which is featuring  “what the industry perceives as ‘flaws’ or imperfections,”  according to their press release. The campaign has six women who are be-a-u-tiful! Seriously, these women are the bomb. There are six of them who have albinism, burn marks, tattoos, freckles, skin conditions and birth marks – and they all are bad a$$ chicks.

Last year, Missguided started their #MakeYourMark campaign which began an airbrush-free zone on their models, and started including more diversified women.

“The campaign’s anti-commercial approach shows the unique positioning of the brand built on inspiring a strong self-empowered message; to embrace your flaws and to not strive for what the world perceives as perfection.Because f*** perfection, it doesn’t exist.”

“These women own it. They have attitude. They are proud of who they are. They inspire confidence. They want you to love your body (it’s the only one you’ve got!).”

Goals to say the least – now let’s meet these amazing babes.

Isabella’s shirt caught on fire at age 17, but she hope to show people that beauty isn’t just your skin.. “Beauty is the feeling of self-confidence.”

Mariana was born with a birthmark on her face, but she has “learnt to love the way she looks and empowers others through body positivity on social media.” She is a fashion designer and model.

Polly has freckles, and lots of tats. What does body positivity mean to her? “Being 100 percent comfortable in yourself.”

Beth, a college student who lives in Manchester, England, has psoriasis. This was her first modeling gig and damn did she do well!

Maya has Epidermolysis Bullosa, a rare skin condition that causes skin to blister easily and affects 500,000 people worldwide. “I think we are on the way to empowering women a lot more than we used to,” she says.

Joanne has albinism and wants to break boundaries in the fashion and beauty world. “My role in life is not to be accepted by society,” she says in the press release. “I live fearlessly, and I am unapologetically me.”