Meghan Markle Totally Stole The Show At Pippa’s Wedding

It may have been Pippa Middleton’s big day, but the world couldn’t stop talking about Prince Harry’s new beau, Meghan Markle.

The internet went crazy waiting for the Suits star and were extremely disapointed to find she wasn’t at the ceremony. The social media world went wild giving their reasons to why Prince Harry’s GF was a no show, and as much as we hate to say it, Pippa was put on the back burner. It was later discovered that she skipped the nuptials, but came ready to party for the “lavishing” reception. But knowing she was there wasn’t good enough. People NEEDED to see photos. What she wore, what her makeup look like, how she did her hair – we totally get it (WhatRUWearing, Meghan!?)

In January, the couple takes their first vacation together at the Norwegian fjords and watch the Northern Lights.

January 15, is big day for Meghan- and the rest of the world. She meets Kate Middleton and Princess Charlotte. We can only imagine what the girls talked about, but we bet they shared some pretty juicy gossip about their men and had some serious girl talk. Perhaps Kate gave her some advice on how to deal with the spotlight?

In February, Meghan shows up in a beautiful long floral dress to Harry’s friend’s wedding in Montego Bay, Jamaica.

April 14, Meghan was wearing a ring with the initial H on her index finger. Now if it was only her ring finger … but we have a feeling that is happening soon enough!

May 7, the two finally kiss in public – woohoo! Later that same weekend, Meghan cheered the prince on in a navy blue dress with a blazer on the polo fields.

Clearly, these two are getting super serious – and we already want to know what her future wedding dress looks like!