Drugstore Dupes To Meghan Markle’s Royal Wedding Foundation

meghan markle's royal wedding foundation

The secret is out – this is Meghan Markle’s royal wedding foundation!

The Suits actress shocked the world by looking flawless yet natural on her wedding day, and beauty gurus are convinced they know where the foundation came from. Meghan had that bride glow that we all want for summer, and showed off her signature an adorable freckles.

According to beauty sites, Meghan’s foundation was Dior’s newest, Backstage Face & Body Foundation, which just hit the shelves. In addition, the product comes in 40 different shades which are divided between six skin undertones of cool, cool rosy, neutral, warm, warm olive, and warm peach.

Consequently, Meghan Markle’s royal wedding foundation also comes out at the same time as new eye palettes, brow palettes, highlighter palettes, lip palettes and contour palettes. The company describes it as luminous. While it covers imperfections, it has a watercolor quality that lays into your skin. Using a combo of the foundation and a sponge or flat brush will instantly give you the same look Meghan had when seeing Prince Harry at the end of the aisle.

Seems like everyone can’t get enough of Meghan Markle’s royal wedding foundation, but unfortunately, it’s still pretty pricey. The makeup is for sale for $40, which is still a little too costly for us. But don’t worry because we tested out loads of foundations that are affordable AF, and found the closest to the real royal thing. Not just one, but three. Check them out below.




Haven’t had enough Meghan, yet? Check out some of these crazy facts about the actress.

Meghan Markle’s bff is Jessica Mulroney.
Who is Jessica Mulroney? She is a Canadian fashion stylist. Formerly Jessica Brownstein, on October 30, 2008 she married Ben Mulroney, the oldest son, and second oldest child, of Mila and Brian Mulroney, a former Prime Minister of Canada. We’re sure Meghan will get some great advice from her when it comes to being a part of the royal fam.

Markus Anderson set them up.
Meghan was visiting London, when the King of Soho House  Markus Anderson introduced them. Way to go Markus.

She’s been in two original Hallmark movies.
Yeah, you know those super cheesy movies we cannot stop watching!? Markle totally starred in two, including 2016’s Dater’s Handbook and 2014’s When Sparks Fly – clearly she’s a romantic type of girl.

Meghan isn’t her real name! Find out what it is, here.

She has nick names that are way too cute for life.
Her mom calls her flower, and Meghan can never have too many of them! She’s also nicknamed m&m.

She rescued two dogs named Bogar and Guy.

She is seriously obsessed with roasted chicken.
In multiple interviews she talks about roasted chicken. When Prince Harry proposed, she stated it was like any other romantic night, they were roasting a chicken. We feel ya girl – chicken is pretty flipping good.

See the full list, here.