Meghan Markle’s Wicker Bag Looks Like A Taco, But We Need It: Cheap AF Versions That Cost Almost The Same As Tacos

Meghan Markle’s wicker bag totally looks like a taco – but we still like it. Markle proved that the summer bag isn’t going any where. In fact, now that she accessorized with it, it’s probably going to be even more popular than before! And, don’t worry, because Meghan doesn’t need to spend loads of money on purses (even though she totes could). Her wicker / straw bag is on sale for $35! 

The piece can be spotted all over France last year, meaning you look Parisian cool and French-girl approved with it on your arm. Now that Meghan has sported it, you know you’ll look extra royal with it. Whether you want straw, wicker or basket, they’re all the perfect purse for your summer look. If boho and beachy is your thing, go for a cool tote. Chic like Meghan Markle? Opt for a clutch and pair it with your favorite dress.Is finesse and extra AF more your style? Then, go for  a unique shape that stands out and becomes the focal point of your outfit.

Even better ,is there are loads of variation when it comes to style. Find Meghan Markle’s wicker bag  with leather accents, poms, and tassels. It’s also available in all shapes and sizes, meaning there’s one for every occasion. While her J. Crew version is totally affordable, we went on a mission to find prices that are equal to a taco dinner (becaue that’s basically what you’re buying). Check them out and shop them now below.

Fun fact:  Meghan Markle is making headlines everywhere. The Suits actress hitched Prince Harry, and she’s the target of every paparazzi. While she blows up in headlines, there’s still a lot we don’t know about the beauty – including her real name. According to Harper’s Bazaar,  Meghan’s real name is Rachel, and her middle name is Meghan. She switched it to Meghan when she began her successful career. If there’s one thing we do know, it’s that Meghan Rachel, is our latest star fashionista. So, if you see Harry calling her Rachel, chill. He’s not cheating on her with a Rachel. He’s simply being polite and calling her by her official name.


Shein, $11



Etsy, $31.90



Amazon, $21.98