Must-Have Men Accessories You Need ASAP

The average guy may not put a lot of thought into accessorizing, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t own a few go-to pieces that’ll have you looking and feeling dope.  Whether you’re getting dressed up for your BFF’s wedding or out at a bar for some sports, we’ve put together a list of must-have men accessories that are bound to take your style to the next level.

A White Button Down Shirt

 A white button down shirt is an absolute essential.  A basic, but well made, cotton button down shirt is an absolute staple in any guy’s wardrobe.  It goes with just about everything; wear it with a suit for work or a IG-worthy event, or roll up the sleeves a bit and wear it with a pair of chinos for a casual look. Find one that fits well, and buy at least two of them because the fit is the hardest part. You’ll want this hanging in your closet and ready to go whenever you need to clean up.

A Watch

Every man needs a watch.  Period.  And not just any watch. You need at least one solid, classic, sophisticated watch when it comes to men accessories. There are lots of choices when it comes to a finding a one that makes a statement: metal or leather bands, various face colors, a casual or dressy aesthetic, etc. Men’s black watches are always a timeless look that will pair well with any outfit and ensure you look polished even when you’re running late AF.

Black Dress Shoes

If you don’t have a pair of black dress shoes then WTF are your doing? If a suit and tie is your standard work uniform, you’ll get a lot of use out of black dress shoes.  Even if you are lucky enough to dress casual to work in the city every day and spend most of your days in sneakers, you’ll have occasional work events that will require you to look sick and GQ. Black shoes range from high-shine to matte, with high-shine looking more formal for tuxes and suits, and matte for more casual outfits. The finish you choose is a matter of whatever you like, but PLEASE keep them clean and polished. Your shoes can make or break your entire outfit, so make sure you keep them looking their best, especially when dressing up.


While we love looking hot,  we should all be wearing sunglasses year round to block out those harmful UV rays. Sunglasses are at the top of the list when it comes to must-have men accessories. It just so happens that sunglasses keep us looking fresh and cool, so it’s a win-win, really. Protect your eyes and look good doing it with a pair of timeless sunglasses.  With so many styles, shapes, and colors available, you’d be challenged to not find a pair you love. Seriously, we can’t stop buying sunglasses because they are one of the most useful accessories. Take some time to try on various kinds until you find the one that looks best on your face shape.  Sunglasses are such a simple accessory, but they def complete a look.

A Bag

Every working professional needs a functional bag to carry your laptop, tablet, and important papers.  Functionality, in no way, has to make you look like a loser.  Briefcases aren’t what they used to be, and many have been updated to be sleek and versatile.  Another great look for men is a messenger bag.  Cross-body messenger bags totally free up your hands while you’re getting to and from work. Who doesn’t need an extra hand to hold that morning coffee? When you’re traveling, leave your gym bag at home and invest in a nice weekender duffle bag.  Something big enough to pack your clothes and necessities for a few days away—don’t be the guy that throws everything in a trash bag when he travels. Plus, mixing your gym bag and your weekend bag is just gross – so don’t be gross!

A Tie

This is obvs but the tie has slowly died down and we need it to come back! You can mix and match ties in endless ways, get as fancy or as casual as you’d like with them, and wear them with or without a tie pin.  They look just as good with a suit as they do with a button down shirt and dark jeans.  You don’t have to spend a lot on these to look good AF. However, make sure you have a few to choose from on the occasions you find yourself needing a tie.

Once you invest in these six pieces, you’ll be GQ street style ready.


By Holly Tomlinson.

Holly is a Los Angeles-based health and wellness writer looking to help readers make positive changes both physically and mentally. Her insightful content about healthy living, delicious recipes, and mental acuity is made for every type of reader. Years of experience as a wellness guru and numerous dietitian courses have given Holly valuable insights and strategies that she can use to help boost the accuracy and relevance of your health and beauty blog.