Mercury Retrograde 2018: Here’s What Not To Do

Mercury Retrograde 2018: Hide your kids, hide your wife, because it’s here.

If you don’t know what Mercury Retrograde is, it’s basically a time when all hell breaks loose and things go as wrong in your life as they possibly can. You know that month where you hear from three exes at once!? Yeah, that kind of stuff is what we blame Mercury Retrograde 2018 on.

“This phenomenon is one of the few that affects everyone in a fairly uniform way, and its effects are always obvious,” Susan Miller stated on Astrology Zone. “Once you begin to pay attention to how events in your life change during these phases, you will soon see how important it is to take note of them.”

They say to avoid traveling, technology, contracts, big decisions/purchases, researching, editing and learning during that time … which is only possible if you lock yourself up in a box.

Since you can’t avoid it, we rounded up what to NOT do during this serious time.

Don’t skip your work outs.

We know – it’s hard af in the summer to keep to your work outs and eat right, but you’re going to need it physically and mentally for this time of the year. It will help you stick to a routine and keep your focus and not overindulge. All these things keeps you on a path that should be followed!

Don’t start shit with your BFF.

Do we really need to explain this one? Don’t be stupid. Don’t be petty. If you are mad about something during this time with a friend, we suggest the 5 day rule. Wait five days and see how you feel after. Most likely, by then, you will have dusted it off and realized you were crazy AF and it as just MR messing with your head.

Don’t feed into people.

You can’t control how people act during Mercury Retrograde 2018. But, you can control your reactions. If the above happens to you, your boss goes psycho, or a stranger simply freaks out, remain calm. Furthermore, take big breaths and just remember to not be over sensitive. They are their issues – not yours, and not reacting is the best thing you can do during this period.

Don’t slack on your work.

Save everything as much as you can and slow TF down. MR is known for causing technology to  go crazy and the last thing you need to lose is your Powerpoint presentation you spent hours on your analytics report. Save, save, save and send the documents and files to yourself in emails. You’re welcome, in advance.

Don’t make major decisions.

Whether it’s a new relationship, ending an old, changing a job or planning a wedding – just pump the breaks. MR in Leo can be tricky af. Wait until it’s over so you know you’re following your heart/brain, and not MR’s tricks.

Don’t go too hard.

Take a break and more importantly, take care of yourself. Consequently, energy is draining during this time, and you don’t need to drain yourself even more. Get sleep, eat well, rest and don’t go out 7 days a week. Chill. Plus, MR gives the perfect excuse to tell your friends why you can’t stay out late.

Don’t stress.

People will stress you out. Work will stress you out. Travel will stress you out. Technology will stress you out. These are all things that happen during this period. Don’t let it happen by meditating and breathing and working out. Release as many endorphins as you can to your brain and remember, this shall pass!

By Staci Wuokko