Girl Power: Miriam Chan Creates A Bookstore Unlike No Other

miriam chan

Miriam Chan is #goals. She owns and founded The Lev. The Lev is a community bookstore founded to build a community around women and books. It promotes women and people of color writers. Hell yeah! She gets this accomplished by community events that include author talks, workshops, story time & art hours, and book clubs. WhatRUWearing had the honor to catch up with Miriam Chan is #goals. She owns and founded The Lev. The Lev is a community bookstore founded to build a community around women and books.Chan to learn about all girl power things. From opening your own business and lifting others up, to her favorite books and quotes, this is a must-read for all.

Staci Wuokko – First, can you tell us how the idea came or why you wanted to create the pop up?
Miriam Chan – For me, reading books creates a safe place so I wanted to create community for women and books. Right now, there’s a lot of polarization in the world. I think the answer to solving this is through empathy. Reading other peoples’ stories helps build empathy and understanding.The Lev is a space for women to meet in real life that is not about co-working or healing but just for comfort and pleasure.

That is so dope. Can you tell us a little more about the categories you have chosen and why?
The Lev carries all types of books from business to yoga books. However, I focus a lot on fiction. Since the reading of a novel is left to the reader to interpret, fiction allows people to have more of an open discussion that non-fiction may not allow for.

Going on that note, what are some books you think all women should read?
Not just women but everyone should read fiction – fiction allows you to see different perspectives in life. 

That’s a super valid point. Additionally, do you have any favorite self-help books for women? If so, can you share?
I highly recommend Brené Brown’s Rising Strong and Braving the Wilderness. I live by her words each day – “Courage starts with showing up and letting ourselves be seen.”

Love that. It takes a lot of courage to start a business. What advice do you have for women starting their own business or taking a step towards accomplishing a big goal, like you?
Have a plan and a backup plan but don’t let planning prohibit you from starting! Make sure that you also have another source of income. 

How can women continue to empower each other, and not get caught up in gossip and negativity?
Love this question! Gossip and negativity stems from the belief that we’re always in competition with each other. We shouldn’t be in competition – we should uplift and empower each other even if we are in the same line of business.  Each of us are creative, and can find our own voice in our business. 

That is the truth. What’s your current favorite content / book?
My current favorite book is A Place for Us by Fatima Farheen Mirza. Fatima’s well-crafted novel weaves through the lives of a family in the last two decades in northern California. Questions what is our duty as a parent or as a child?

Furthermore, what’s your favorite online source and why?
This is a hard question! I would have to say The New York Times –  outside of news, NYT is a great resource for style and culture including film reviews. I’m a big of the new direction of NYT Style Magazine under Hanya Yanagihara.

Finally, do you prefer physical books over digital?
I love physical books! Being able to feel each page and make notes on the page is key for me. Plus, the ability to read a book without distraction from a notification is the best.

You can follow Miriam Chan and The Lev on IG, here.