The WRUW Girl’s Guide to Moody Monday’s: 11 Beat Election Blues With These Beauty Products

photo courtesy of: Livestrong Woman in blue facial mask

We’ll admit we were in shock when Donald Trump won the election. Since the anouncement, the stress has wrecked havoc on our beauty sleep and routine. For this Moody Monday, we are bringing you five beauty products that are made for moments in history like this. Go to the jump to see what we’re stressing out about the most, how we feel about what’s happening, and what beauty products we’ll be using this Moody Monday to chillax from it all.

While we stand by America’s democratic right for the people to choose, we didn’t think that a man who was in favor of grabbing women “by the pussy” could be representative of our country. We even wrote a satirical article about it, that in foresight does not seem as funny now. The next morning seemed almost like an alternate reality much like the one in the Simpsons that had the internet reeling. Apparently back in 2000, Simpsons basically predicted in what was supposed to be just a spoof that Donald Trump was President. The next morning we turned to our Facebook feed to see what our classmates and colleagues thought, and it was pretty clear, both sides were stressed out. Whether the elections results had you breaking down in tears like Miley Cyrus, or protesting on the streets of Chicago NY and San Francisco, it is clear we need a little more hope for our future. While this solution doesn’t come in a jar, we’ve been doing our research and there may be some beauty relief with this petition, which you can sign here if you believe that Hilary should have won based off of popular vote. Here are some beauty products that you can use until December 19th. Until then, we like the sentiment to #lovetrumpshate 

  1. Bliss Lemon + Sage Sinkside Six Pack Travel Set:$28.00 For those of you who are moving to Europe or Canada here is the perfect travel set to be blissfully free from American politics.
  2. Philosphy Just Release Me™ Dual-Phase Oil-Free Makeup Remover: $19.00 Philosphy wants to “release you” from your mascara stained cheeks with their makeup remover. Go ahead and cry it out.
  3. Honest Beauty Shampoo: $20 We all need a little more honesty in our lives. Wash away the ” dirt, oil and buildup,” of the election blues and feel a little more hydrated and cleaner.
  4. Youngblood Minerals In The Mist: $24 Any time you need a day pick me up just spritz these face mist for a little regarging, refreshing, and restoring. This beauty brand is 100% paraben free and checks pretty much all the boxes as being cruelty free and safe for your skin. Something we all need.
  5. Hope in a jar: $44 While on the more expensive side, we’ll give this one five stars for reviving our dry and dull stressed out skin. When it comes to politics or a more radient skin glow a little “hope” goes a long way.