The WRUW Girl’s Guide to Moody Monday’s: 05 (College Edition)

It’s another Moody Monday and we’re looking fondly moodily back on our college days. Some of us fall more left than right on the introvert to extrovert spectrum and college life is bound to mess with your chill zone. We’re including a few life saving tips that we wish we knew about (seriously hangovers suck), some tricks to help with that noisy dorm mate, and we have major news a little birdy told us about…

According to Spoon University, Uber Eats is coming to Baltimore. Loyola, University of Maryland, Morgan State, and liberal arts Goucher College students will soon all have something to be less moody about. Additionally, if you follow us on Instagram you’ll also know that we’re taking applications for our contributor program. Currently a high school, college student or post grad and think you have what it takes to write about style, pop culture, and dorm life? Represent your school and earn major experience cred by being a part of the WhatRUWearing team.



1. Pedialyte – $5.09 – Trust us, this is a lifesaver when it comes to hangovers. For best effects, try your hardest to drink it before you go to sleep. Your body will thank you.  
2. Casemate virtual-reality-viewer-v2 – $25 virtual-reality-viewer-v2 – Sometimes you don’t want a reality check, you need an alternate reality.
3. Look Human Pullover – $28 – When you’re just not in the mood to talk and your roomie needs to take the hint.
4. Uber Eats – When you’re too lazy to get up to make ramen and want something that will actually fulfill your soul, Uber Eats has got you covered. 
5. Beatsbydre Headphones – Sometimes basic earphones don’t cut it, cancel out the noise of your roomies…ahem…extracurricular activities and listen to sick beats instead.