Moody Monday’s: They Broke Up With You Right Before The Holidays

Don’t worry – it has happened to us all at some point. And if it hasn’t, you some how magically escaped holiday relationship hell. The break up – but not just any break up – the holiday break up. You know, the one where you think everything is going great and then BOOM! They break your heart right after you bought their Christmas gift.

Instead of stalking their social media all day (yes, you!), why not do some shopping therapy for the next big night – New Year’s Eve. This is the night you show off how good the breakup did you .. afterall, revenge is a dish best served haute. We rounded up some of the sexiest dresses so you can ring in the new year right and maybe even score a rebound.

Lady in Red

The color red makes anyone stand out in a crowd. In fact, it reportedly is the color of attraction. Find yourself a little fireball like this one, and we guarantee you’ll be receiving some drunk texts the next night.

Slimming Lace Dress, $79

Never Look Back

“Don’t look back.” Remind yourself of this lesson, which will be easy to do when wearing a backless little number.  While they are sophisticated in the front, they add a shock factor and leave all jaws to the floor as you walk by – including your ex who will soon be begging you back.

Va Va Voom Black Backless Midi Dress, $49

White Out

Okay, so you might want a couple of nights of blacking out (that may not be the best idea!), but when it comes to the holiday, white is the real winner. It’s as unexpecting as your breakup and gives anyone a clean polish look, even if you’re been one big haute crying mess.

Textured, Meshy, White, Midi Dress, $54

The Cold Shoulder

You won’t have to say one word with an off the shoulder or shoulder cut out – it speaks for itself! Give your ex the silent treatment in a way he never saw coming.

Long Sleeve Off Shoulder Bodycon Dress, $46

Lace Up

Don some lace and expect to go from breakup to makeup. The fabric leaves some to the imagination while still remaining ladylike. It’s sure to make everyone’s thoughts race if you know what we mean.

Lace Mock Neck Sheath Dress, 98